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    Are you a business owner looking for an affordable way to reach more local consumers? Is your current advertising not paying off? Overwhelmed by all the digital advertising possibilities and not sure where to start?

    Believe it or not, the world of advertising is undergoing a massive change. At WTOV9, we can help you make greater impact with your marketing dollars by correctly implementing the use and domination of the two most powerful and influential mediums in today's world...Television and the Internet. It's cost-effective. It's inexpensive. It really works. And it can give your business real, measurable results.

    These days, having a strong presence both on-air and online is crucial to winning more business. According to a study by Google, two-thirds of smartphone owners use their phones to learn more about something they saw in a TV commercial. Does your business have a strong online presence?

    WTOV9 is has more to offer than just TV advertising. In addition to our three TV stations, we also provide local businesses the opportunity to utilize our 80+ digital marketing solutions to grow their business. WTOV9 is the Ohio Valley's premier cross-platform marketing agency, allowing companies to reach their target audiences seamlessly across all devices. Our approach to marketing is comprehensive - we meet with you, learn everything we can about your goals, challenges, pain points, current and past advertising, what makes you unique, and more, and then we create a custom marketing strategy just for you based on your individual needs, wants, and budgets.

    Here's the bottom line: You want to expose your business to as many people as possible. The marketing team at WTOV9 can help you get your message out to the right people and at the right times.

    If you would like information on how to advertise on WTOV9, FOX9, or Me-TV, please contact our General Sales Manager, Tom Pleva, or Local Sales Manager, Jim Trefney.

    For information regarding advertising on WTOV9.com or any other form of digital advertising (AdWords, OTT, Email Marketing, Retargeting, Website Builds, etc.), please contact our Digital Solutions Manager, Richard Bell.

    Contact information for the sales managers and sales support staff can be found below.

    WTOV9 Sales Directory

    Steubenville Sales Office | Phone: (740) 282-9999 | Fax: (740) 282-5319 | sales@wtov.com

    • Tom Pleva, General Sales Manager | 740-284-5119 | tpleva@wtov.com

    • Jim Trefney, Local Sales Manager | 740-284-5124 | jtrefney@wtov.com

    • Richard Bell, Digital Solutions Manager | 740-284-5118 | rabell@wtov.com

    • Kelsey Ohler, Digital Sales Coordinator | 740-284-5128 | kohler@wtov.com

    • Tricia Farran, Digital Marketing Associate | 740-314-8559 | tfarran@wtov.com

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