Potential grant could clean up Brownfield sites


Turning brownfield sites into shovel- and ready-to-build sites is what a local task force is hoping to accomplish with grant money it's applying for that will impact both sides of the river.

Officials discussed and finalized the details that would potentially clean up sites like the Weirton Steel Steubenville Plant and bring redevelopment to the Ohio Valley.

Pollution, neglect, and age have plagued many of these old industrial properties during the years. The Brooke-Hancock-Jefferson Brownfield Task Force is submitting a major grant proposal that, if approved, would help clean up some of these sites.

"Through these long legacies of manufacturing, there's been several different, how should I say it? Pollution that's gone on, and it's about time to clean up these properties and bring them back to whole development," said Michael Paprocki, executive director of BHJ Metropolitan Planning Commission.

It would also promote job growth throughout the area with new industry. The grant they're after is a total of $600,000 and would benefit three counties in two states.

"It brings our properties back to life," Paprocki said. "Without a Phase 1 assessment, you can't make the sale. Without a Phase 2, you can't clean it up."

There is a long list of different sites that could benefit from the $600,000 grant. Officials hope to find out if they've been awarded that within the next few months.

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