New FAA regulations begin for drones

The Federation Aviation Administration has new regulations affecting small unmanned aircraft, best known as "drones."

Any drone weighing .55 pounds to 50 pounds must now be registered online with the FAA. The fee to register is $5, but the FAA will waive the fee for the first 30 days. Drones bought before Dec. 21 have until Feb. 19 for registration.

The devices have multiplied, but careless operators have flown drones near jets, airports and restricted airspace.

Drones have also interfered in fighting wildfires. For example, aircraft used in fighting a wildfire near Tehachapi this summer had to be grounded for 30 minutes because of a drone in the area.

"Registration provides us with a key opportunity to teach folks about the rules and regulations and responsibilities that they have to follow," said FAA spokesman Ian Gregor.

CLICK HERE for the FAA's registration page.

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