You know it’s cold when the car wash closes

Cars wrapped around the building at the Tender Touch car wash in Weirton on Wednesday.

Many people are eager to run their cars through the car wash after driving through snow and ice.

But what happens when the weather is too cold for a car wash to stay open?

It’s not often you see car washes closed, but the subzero temperatures the Ohio Valley has been facing caused the Tender Touch Car Wash in Weirton to close on Dec. 29.

It re-opened Wednesday.

“Rainy days, extremely snowy days, and extremely cold days. Other than that, we're here,” said. Jonathan Moore from Tender Touch.

With temperatures barely climbing to the double digits, Moore says it's safer for drivers and the car wash equipment to stay closed in freezing weather.

“We can run in the mid-20s,” he said. “We have a big gas heater up front that keeps the tunnel warm. When you get down into the low- and mid-teens, it gets a little sketchy as far as whether cars will freeze as they leave, and if our equipment breaks.”

Tender Touch was packed as it re-opened for the first time in 5 days with a line of cars wrapping around the building.

“We've been very busy today,” Moore said. “There’s a lot of the salt on the roads.”

During the winter months, Moore says it's important to take your car through the car wash regularly to get the salt off of your vehicle.

“A vehicle is the second-biggest purchase you make in your life,” Moore said. “You got to get the salt off your car. It's corrosive. It will, overtime, start to eat away at your muffler and other parts underneath your vehicle. On top of that, you want your car to look nice when you're driving around.”

With temperatures over the next few days expected to barely reach the teens, representatives of the Tender Touch Car Wash say they might have to close a few more days this week.

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