W.Va. State Senate District 2: Three candidates compete for votes

A doctor and two business owners seek the seat. (WTOV)

One of the big races in Marshall County is for State Senator of District 2.

Three people are running for Jeff Kessler's senate seat. He gave it up to run for governor but lost in the primary. Now, Republican Mike Maroney, Democrat Lisa Zukoff and Libertarian H. John Rogers are battling for the senate seat.

Maroney is a doctor and chairman of radiology at Reynolds Memorial Hospital. He plans to focus on improving healthcare and education.

Zukoff is a local business owner whose plan is to increase incomes in the state and also make education a priority.

Rogers is a local businessman who has big ideas who wants to focus on obtaining funding for projects.

“We need more people working, education needs revamped, healthcare is going to be, it's already having problems with the adoption of the Affordable Care Act, it's going to really blow up Medicaid if we don’t have some foresight and fix this problem in advance,” Maroney said.

“The repeal of prevailing wage which in West Virginia, one of the lowest states with lowest incomes in the country, actually reduced construction worker wages thinking it would bring additional business. I just couldn’t understand attacking working families that way,” Zukoff said.

“But here is the historic thing about politics. My opponents are nice people, but naive. It's like throwing guppies into a shark tank. It'll take them four years to find the senate restroom,” Rogers said.

The three candidates have been campaigning throughout Marshall County.

Voting continues until 7:30 p.m. and we will update you on all of the key races.

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