W.Va. House of Delegates District 2: Diserio vs. Diciccio

NEWS9’s Jessica Haberley is monitoring this race from Brooke County. (WTOV)

The race for district two in the West Virginia House of Delegates is another race NEWS9 is monitoring.

With Delegate Ryan Weld focused on moving to the Senate, that leaves his position open for the taking.

And Phil Diserio wants it back. He held this post until Weld unseated him in the 2014 election.

Diserio says not enough got done since then, so he's ready to step in and get things going. He also talked about his background in labor and his focus on good jobs for the state.

Diserio is running against Robert “Chic” Diciccio, who spoke about how service is “a Christian tenant” and he feels it's his time to serve.

Diciccio believes the economy is the state's biggest challenge but he is prepared to overcome it.

Voters can send just one of these candidates to Charleston.

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