Women charged in Belmont County child abuse case appear in court

Devan Redman and Misty Glasgow appeared in court Thursday.

After a four-year-old girl was found with bruises and burn marks in Belmont County, two women are facing charges.

Devan Redman and Misty Glasgow appeared in court Thursday.

Bond will stay at $50,000 for both Redman and Glasgow. Redman's attorney asked that it be lowered.

"I took that into consideration -- what I consider to be serious charges -- I do believe that the bond is appropriate in this case,” said Judge John Sullivan.

Sullivan decided not to grant the request of Redman's defense attorney to lower her bond to $25,000.

"The state's discovery is that she has allegedly made an admission in this matter,” said Defense Attorney John Yurco.

Jurco also told the court Redman's apartment was broken into and her car vandalized since being behind bars.

Redman, 25, and Glasgow, 36, both waived their preliminary hearings.

The couple was arrested earlier this month at a home in Neffs.

Belmont County Sheriff Dave Lucas said they were taking care of a four-year-old child. The mother was homeless and seeking housing, leaving her daughter in their care.

Pictures show the child covered in bruises and burn marks.

Both Redman and Glasgow face child abuse and possession of cocaine charges.

The child is back with her mother.

Now, the case will be bound over to the Belmont County Grand Jury.

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