Woman sentenced after threatening Jefferson County Prosecutor


Jami Anderson pleaded guilty to intimidation and was sentenced on Tuesday after making threats toward Jefferson County Prosecutor Jane Hanlin in September.

As punishment, Anderson must remain in jail until a bed is available at Eastern Ohio Correction Center. She must then complete mental health, drug, and alcohol programs there for up to 6 months.

If the jail/EOCC time don't add up to a year, she will serve the remaining time on house arrest.

Defense attorney Steve Stickles talked about the timing of the threat, which occurred shortly after Judge Joseph Bruzzese was shot, and acknowledged the atmosphere surrounding the county at that time.

“That was a very strange time here in this county,” he said. “I know that very shortly thereafter, I went and procured an emergency carry permit myself.”

In September, Hanlin was leaving the courthouse and was rushed and threatened by Anderson, who was upset about her boyfriend's case that was being prosecuted by Hanlin.

Hanlin addressed the court, this time, speaking as the victim. She talked about an ongoing fear that she still has following the incident.

“One of the recurring fears that I had after this - because this had happened so close in time to when Judge Bruzzese had be shot - was that... if somebody had been walking me out of the courthouse and saw her approaching me the way that she did, that they may have shot her, particularly given the sensitivity of the courthouse,” Hanlin said.

“Had Mrs. Hanlin and I been working on, and walked out of the courthouse together, there's a good chance I would have shot my client,” Stickles said.

Anderson apologized to the court and directly to Hanlin.

“I, too, remember the serious precautions (that) were taken after Judge Bruzzese was shot, the severity of this sentence has to send a message to you and to others (that) this activity won't be tolerated,” Judge John Solovan said to Anderson. “I wish you luck on changing your life; I think you can do it. Hopefully you can.”

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