With little notification, Wellsburg condenses precincts, leaving some voters frustrated

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    Wellsburg Councilman Daniel Dudley is voicing his concerns after he says poor communication has resulted in confusion among voters in the city.

    It has to do with a change in a precinct location.

    "We want to let everyone know that their vote counts,” Dudley said. “And by doing this and not telling anybody -- no robocalls or anything -- its caused total confusion," he said.

    For the first time in many years, the two churches located on 10th and 11th streets are not Election Day polling places.

    "As of this morning -- about 8 o'clock or so -- I started getting texts and calls from people not knowing where to vote,” Dudley said.

    Notes on the doors of the churches directed voters to a different location approximately 1 mile down the road to 84 26th Street in Wellsburg.

    "We're clear at the end of town, and this location is at the complete end of Wellsburg,” Dudley said. “That makes it difficult for some people, like senior citizens or people that aren’t able to get around."

    While Dudley says there should have been better communication, Brooke County Clerk Sylvia Benzo claims they did everything the state requires for notification:

    "The only thing that I did was put it in the newspaper, and perhaps people do not get the newspaper, and they’re right, I did not formally notify them in writing to give every registered voter a notification, and I do apologize for that," she said.

    As for the reason for condensing the three Wellsburg precincts into two is the low number of registered voters in some of the precincts.

    “Sometimes it’s not beneficial to have a precinct that only has a couple hundred registered voters, and then on Election Day, you really only get a few people who really actually go out and vote," Benzo said. “We don’t want people not to vote – that’s our purpose of being here is to get people to actually go out and vote.”

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