Wintersville receives grant to improve sewer system

The village will conduct a study to determine where sewer and storm drains are connected. (WTOV)

Wintersville has received additional funding to improve their wastewater treatment.

Through financing, the village has already done around $7 million in repairs. This will help them complete the next $2 million worth of repairs at no cost to tax payers.

The village received a $420,000 low interest loan from the Ohio EPA water pollution control loan fund to conduct a sewer system evaluation survey. This study will help Wintersville identify and eliminate where sewer and storm water systems combine. The improvement in water quality will help both public health and the environment.

“The system’s 50 plus years old. Some man holes are deteriorated. A lot of main lines are clay pipe. A lot of that has cracked. There’s some root intrusions, so that is allowing rain water to get in,” said Walter Ziemba, Village of Wintersville.

Wintersville also received a $150,000 grant from the Governor’s Office of Appalachia and a $500,000 grant from Ohio Public Works.

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