Where are they now? Natalie Pasquarella

Natalie Pasquarella

The city of Steubenville has seen a number of its favorite sons and daughters make the big time.

In local news, nothing is bigger than working in New York City, and that's where Steubenville native and WTOV9 alum Natalie Pasquarella now lives and works.

“So, it really started from when I was just a little girl I grew up watching WTOV9, and watching the Eric Minors and the Bill Phillips, and the Kelli Olexias back when I was a young child, so that was a goal of mine, to become a journalist and work at WTOV9,” Natalie said.

“It really started impacting me back when I was interning there. I mean college was my very first shadowing, my first internship there, so that passion just kind of grew through that internship. I always want to work at WTOV9.”

Natalie's passion for news continued to grow while interning at NEWS9, but it was during a high school field trip that the seeds of her dream to working the Big Apple were planted.

“The first time I'd ever been to New York City, I was at Steubenville High School on a trip with the drama club to come to the city, and I remember stepping foot in the city and thinking, ‘oh my goodness,’ I mean I'd never seen anything like it. It's just like out of a movie. I thought ‘I'd love to be able to work here one day.’ To this day, it's still a thrill when I walk in this city, and in 30 Rock when I enter the doors at 30 Rock, it's a dream,” Natalie said.

The reality of working in America's No. 1 market has lived up to her dream.

“Whether that's in Steubenville, whether that's in Charlotte, North Carolina where I was before here, or whether that's New York City, the goal is always the same which is to tell the stories that really matter to the community. But yes, it's exceeded every expectation because the city, there's an energy, everybody knows there's an energy in New York City. There's nothing like it,” Natalie said.

And because she is in New York, a job requirement is the ability to travel to cover some of the nation's and the world's biggest stories and news makers.

“We get to travel a lot to the global stories, so I've had some exciting times here locally, covering the 2016 Presidential Debate, and then we travel to Washington D.C. to cover the Presidential Inauguration in 2017, and the Women's March in Washington, I recently getting to travel to London to cover the Royal Wedding -- that was exciting. So that happens here because it such a large city and that's our reach,” Natalie said.

As much as she enjoys New York, she still leans on the lessons she learned in the Ohio Valley.

“When you're in a town like Steubenville, or Wheeling, or Weirton it's like the community becomes your family, too, so I've always carried that with me when I'm telling folks stories here because it's always the same, it really does take a village,” Natalie said. “So, I think that that sense of community and family has always stayed with me from Steubenville.”

One question that Natalie answered for us. New York City pizza or Ohio Valley pizza?

She likes them both, but she gave the edge to Ohio Valley pizza!

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