"Where Are They Now?" - Fred McLeod

    Fred McLeod was a sports director at NEWS9 in the mid-to-late 1970s.<p>{/p}

    Where are they now?

    Fred McLeod was a sports director at NEWS9 in the mid-to-late 1970s.

    Since 2004, he’s been the television voice of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

    And he was all over the map in between.

    McLeod, who has Strongsville, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pa., ties began his broadcasting career in Missouri in 1974, but he was elated to land the sports director job at WSTV NEWS9 in 1975.

    “It's pre-cable, we got channel 9, it boomed in there, baby, so for me to come home, so to speak, and my mom and dad could watch and family members, it was a thrill,” he said. “Mike Decker was the news director at the time, and Red Donley was there. I've got great memories. I learned so much because I had to shoot my video on Friday nights. I'd start in Toronto and work my way up north and go cross the river and catch some highlights. It was incredible."

    McLeod took the lessons he learned at channel 9 and embarked on a 5-decade run of Major League Baseball and NBA Basketball TV play by play.

    With Fred at the mic starting in 1984, the Detroit Pistons would win three titles. His fourth ring would come courtesy of his hometown Cavs.

    During the course of a 35-year NBA play-by-play career, McLeod saw the best of the best, and he didn't hesitate when naming his greatest of all time – LeBron James.

    “I've always said his basketball acumen is even better than his physical skills, so he helped bring us a championship, and I can say I got to call a lot of games for, in my opinion, the greatest player in the history of the game. Some will say Michael Jordan, but LeBron's not done yet, so we'll see what happens. It’s been a thrill.”

    And the journey began here at NEWS9.

    “I have fond, fond memories of the people of the valley are just incredible sports fans and they are really dedicated viewers,” he said.

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