Wheeling police seeking video surveillance

The Wheeling Police Department’s Detective Division is asking for the public’s help with video surveillance from any home or business that was in the direct path of a vehicle chase that took place around 8:30 p.m., on Friday, Nov. 16.

Cell phone video and eye witness accounts can also help the case.

If anyone has video they wish to share, please contact the detective division at 304-234-3781.

The chase started in the area of Lane 13 and Wood Streets. The suspects then led police on the following route:

1.West on Lane 13 from Wood Street

2.Crosses Eoff Street and continues on Lane 13

3.West on 16th Street

4.South on Market Street at 16th Street to 24th Street

5.East on 24th Street from Market Street

6.South in the 2400 block of Wood Street

7.Loops around Wood Street and into parking lot of 2517 Jacob Street

8.Onto 26th Street heading West onto Main Street

9.North on Main Street to 24th Street

10.West on 24th Street to dirt path behind 1 – 24th Street

11.North on dirt path that runs parallel with walking trail to 22nd Street

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