Wheeling Half Marathon to be a weekend-long event this year

This year, the Wheeling Half Marathon will be a weekend-long event.

This year, the Ogden Newspapers Half Marathon Classic will be a weekend-long event.

Not only will the half marathon take place on Saturday, May 25, but a second race will also take place on Sunday, May 26 – the Tough as Nails race. It’s a 5-mile course through the city that includes 20 man-made obstacles.

"The Tough as Nails race we feel is kind of a different subset of athletes and fitness-minded people. It's not so much for the long-distance runner, but more of your weekend warriors,” said Eric Anderson, Tough as Nails race director.

The Wheeling Heritage Trail Bicycle Tour will also take place that weekend. In addition, there will be live entertainment, food trucks, and a beer garden at the event.

"We're trying to make it a family-fun environment this year, adding the food trucks, and more entertainment, and the beer garden. We want people to come out and enjoy the weekend,” said Joe Lovell, Wheeling Half Marathon race organizer.

Lovell says this isn't just about promoting health and wellness - it's also a good chance to bring in some new faces to a revitalized downtown area.

"It just brings more people into the area, economic development and everything else. It just adds to your everyday quality of life,” he said.

Registration is currently open for all events.

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