Wheeling community comes together to remember Martin Luther King Jr.


Members of the community gathered in Wheeling Sunday to march in honor of Martin Luther King Junior.

"(We) will bring together people from across the community on a chilly day to walk down Martin Luther King Boulevard," said Rabbi Joshua Lief of Temple Shalom.

The procession went down Martin Luther King Boulevard in Wheeling to honor the man with a dream.

"There’s a lot of people who don’t want to know what happened, but they need to know at a younger age," said resident David Rose.

People of all races, religions and ages gathered together in support of one another.

"Regardless of our religious beliefs, (we) have similar interest in treating our fellow human beings with decency and justice and with respect, and that should be heartwarming, even on a chilly day like this,” said Rabbi Lief.

"Definitely a good feeling to see the turnout and the support this event got overall, not just because of the Black Student Union, but just the event in general and what it stands for. It definitely means a lot to us,” said Kobey Quamina with the Black Student Union at Wheeling Jesuit University.

Students of the Black Student Union at Wheeling Jesuit University, members of the NAACP and residents alike marched in unity for one greater cause.

"It makes us feel blessed because it gives them a chance to see another spectrum and not just what they’re used to and what hardships everybody went through, so it’s just always good to open your mind and gain new experiences,” said Christopher Smith with the Black Student Union at WJU.

"Wheeling may be a small town but it’s a big family, and we’re all part of that family together,” Rabbi Lief said.

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