Wheeling City Council will soon be looking for a new member

Brian Wilson, the 3rd Ward council member, is moving on after accepting a job in Louisiana.

Wheeling City Council is looking for a new representative.

For the first time since 1998, there will be a vacant seat. Now it's all about saying some goodbyes and preparing for the future.

Brian Wilson, the 3rd Ward council member, is moving on after accepting a job in Louisiana.

“It's not something we took lightly,” Wilson said. “It's been incredibly bittersweet.”

He starts work in January, which means his role on city council will need to be filled in the next few weeks.

“What we'll do is announce is anyone who wants to be on city council who lives in Ward 3, send us a cover letter with a resume and we'll collect all those, pick a few to interview, probably early next year, and probably make the appointment at the second meeting in January,” Wheeling Mayor Glenn Elliott said.

The council is looking for a few specific items. Aside from living in the 3rd Ward, a candidate must be willing to give up a lot of time.

Wilson would like to be as involved in the selection process as he can be.

“I'm going to put the word out to some people that I talked to earlier during the campaign days, people that were on the fence about campaigning, and maybe even some people that did run to see if they are still interested and to submit a letter of interest,” Wilson said. “Just do my part to facilitate the conversation.”

Wilson's last meeting as a member of council will be Dec. 18 before he heads south.

It was a tough decision for the Wheeling native, who feels like he's had a great run as councilman.

“It's been the greatest honor of my life,” he said. “I could not thank the voters; I could not thank the city staff; I could not thank my colleagues up here enough,” he said.

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