What to do when these snow days need made up?

Many students across the Ohio valley haven't had school yet this week.

Many students across the Ohio valley haven't had school yet this week.

That means, they’ll be making up the days down the line.

In Marshall County, students have missed 6 days. Ohio County students have missed 4.

In order to make those up, some schools will use Presidents Day and other breaks. Or, the school year could run a little longer, at least in Marshall County.

"First and foremost, my job and the teachers and staff is safety and security of our kids,” said Marshall County Schools Superintendent Dr. Jeffrey Crook.

“It's 100 percent about safety,” Ohio County Schools Superintendent Dr. Kimberley Miller said. “We would much rather have students and staff at school. Many students get the breakfast and lunch, and it's important to them, so to miss for a long period of time it's a problem for everyone.”

Miller says the school system has already decided to have school on President's Day Jan. 19 to help make up a day.

They will also make up days in March and April.

"There's days built into the calendar we can switch out so we are taking those days,” Miller said.

Meanwhile, Marshall County deals with more rural roads. It's the largest county with the most terrain in West Virginia.

Crooks says it's tough because they now have to extend the school year.

“Parts of Marshall County are worse than others, but it's tough right now, and I can't put kids on the bus or staff in their cars if there is a safety concern. It's not worth it,” Crooks said.

More days may have to be made up if school is canceled anymore this year because of snow.

Both school systems provide a calendar online.

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