Weirton woman shares inspiring story of extreme weight loss

    <p>A Weirton woman transformed her body and life when she lost 185 pounds.{/p}

    A Weirton woman transformed her body and life when she lost 185 pounds.

    Now her journey is inspiring thousands of people to make healthy changes.

    At 320 pounds, Maggie Wells wasn't worried about dying, but rather about leaving a void if she did.

    “If I would die, my children would have no pictures to remember me by,” she said. “There's very few pictures of me.”

    That thought struck the mother of three on Jan. 1, 2018 and prompted her to take the first step.

    Fourteen months later, the 34-year-old Weirton woman dropped 185 pounds -- not with exercise, but with a healthy diet.

    “We have to remember, weight loss is a side effect of good nutrition, weight loss should not be your goal,” Wells said. “My goal was to make sure I was healthy to be here for myself and my children and to teach my family about making healthier choices for themselves.”

    Wells followed the Keto diet and found success in small doses.

    “When I first started, I would just focus on 24 hours at a time. I couldn't even think about those first 20 pounds. To me, that's overwhelming, so I was just like, ‘I only have to make it through today.’”

    This year, she decided to share her journey on Facebook -- and quickly racked up close to 5,000 followers.

    “To be somebody's source of inspiration, it's completely mind-blowing, and it's amazing, it’s a great feeling,” Wells said.

    Maggie says since changing her diet, her carpel tunnel symptoms have disappeared, she sleeps better, and she feels 15 years younger.

    She encourages everyone to find what works for them, and take it day by day.

    “Small changes make big differences,” she said. “So, if you're starting out, don't think about the big picture, think about 24 hours, think about 5 pounds, think about small goals. When you're not overwhelmed, you're more likely to stick with something. Everybody should work on improving themselves, no matter what it is.”

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