Weirton finds another way to honor vets


Weirton officials are thinking of creative ways to remember the city's veterans.

To that end, banners displaying Weirton vets from the past and present will soon adorn city light poles and yards.

"My husband and I were driving through Canonsburg this summer, and they had these military banners up on their light poles throughout the city, and they were just beautiful and very humbling and made you think, 'we need to do that in our town,'" said Chris Connell of the city's veteran banner project.

Connell's presented the idea to Weirton officials, including the mayor, several council members and the Weirton VFW on Wednesday afternoon. It's one idea the city happily approved.

"With your order, you will get a 2x3 banner hanging off of the light poles in the city and two small yard signs that you can use at home or give as gifts," Connell said.

In 2016, in addition to the city's usual neighbors, you'll have a chance to say hello to Weirton veterans like Sgt. Lawrence Enrietti.

"I think every family has someone that served in some point in time," Connell said.

The company that plans to design them says when the signs finally go up, Weirton will have a new look.

Veteran George Ash, who has been with the VFW in Weirton for years, says he salutes the new project.

The signs will hang within the city of Weirton from Memorial Day to Veterans Day. They will cost anywhere from $80-$100, but will be free for those who were killed in action or missing in action. If you would like to purchase a sign for a vet, you can contact the Weirton VFW at 304-748-9674 or Connell at 304-748-5655.

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