Weirton emergency alert system


Weirton officials are encouraging more residents to sign up for their emergency alert system.

Not only does the alert system tell you when there is a boil order, it also tells you when there is construction, road closures and even job opportunities within the city.

"This is a nice way for people to sign up. Log in, be able to get text message alerts (and) email alerts," Weirton City Manager, Travis Blosser said.

The city of Weirton website and emergency alert system was revamped in late 2016, in the wake of the influx of water breaks across the Ohio Valley, city officials encourage their constituents to utilize it.

"It was kind of eye opening for us, and people talking about how they can get notifications out to people. We wanted to make sure people had this information, because we're utilizing this tool more and more often," Blosser said.

All you have to do is go to and click on the ‘Notify Me’ tab.

You enter in your info, and then not only click on what kind of alerts you want, but how you want to receive them.

Roadwork is one of many alerts you can choose.

"There are some areas that people use the same roadway all the time, and sometimes we have to close that roadway down to clean up the roadway, to do different repairs to that road," Blosser said.

You can also use the website to notify the city of problems you are facing, and can track the progress

"There's a detailed mapping system that allows people to watch and track their complaints about potholes, anything they could think of and allow that to be tracked," Blosser said.

So how quickly can all this be done?

"Within seconds. We literally have staff members in the building who are logged into this system. It shows up online and everyone, we can hear dings throughout the building from the text messages that are going out,” Blosser said.

City Manager Travis Blosser encourages all residents to sign up.

"When communities, and individuals in our community are informed, that's what has allowed our community to flourish and do better," Blosser said.

The alerts are free, only your standard text message rates from your provider apply.

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