WATCH: Truck traffic causing damage in Martins Ferry


Officials in Martins Ferry are hoping big trucks can follow a different route to avoid road damage.

Several areas in Martins Ferry along Zane Highway and beyond have suffered from heavy truck travel. Wide turns and narrow roads have been a bad combination.

"The trucks have gotten bigger over the years. There's more cars on the streets. What used to be a 26-foot or 32-foot trailer is now a 54-foot trailer. We just have narrow streets," said Martins Ferry Service Director Scott Porter.

One resident showed News9 his car that was recently struck when it was sitting outside. He says it happens often when trucks attempt turns.

At the intersection of Seabrights Lane and Zane Highway, the stop sign has been hit several times. City crews tried to hold it down with springs, and now it's being held by sand bags, after being hit seven times in the last six months.

But truck drivers aren't the only ones at fault. There are things the city will need to adjust as well, like making ‘no parking’ zones displayed clearer.

"On our end, we have some yellow curbs that need repainted,” Porter said. “When folks can't see the yellow, they may park a little closer to the end of the intersection, which creates an issue for the trucks."

The city is working on a new truck route:

If going to United Dairy, drivers are asked to take Hanover Street, to 1st Street, then to Center Street.

When leaving, they are to take Park Street to 5th, over to Center and then onto Hanover.

Meanwhile, for deliveries to the southern end of the city, they are to use Broadway in Aetnaville.

Porter understands the services the truck drivers provide are essential to the city, but hopes these upcoming route changes will make things safer.

"We don't want to impede their business,” Porter said. “We don't want to hinder their business. However, we've got to protect our residents, streets, fire hydrants, stop signs and everything else that seems to get run over when they get a tight turn."

The city has been working with major businesses in town and trucking companies to make sure that everyone will be on the same page with the new truck route. New street signs should be up by the end of the month.

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