Vicious dog ordinance to be rewritten


St. Clairsville city council discussed a vicious dog ordinance during a meeting Monday evening.

Council voted 5-2 to reconstruct the ordinance without breed specific language.

The discussion of the vicious dog ordinance brought local residents and people from out of town to the city to voice their concerns and fight the ordinance.

The ordinance stated that a vicious dog is any dog with a tendency to attack, cause injury to or endanger the safety of humans or domestic animals, attack without being provoked, has killed or caused serious injury or belongs to a pit bull breed.

Council voted to take out the breed specific language and lower the liability insurance fee for dog owners to $100,000.

Community members reacted after the meeting.

“I think they did an awesome job changing it,” said John Paglialunga, resident. “I want to thank the council members who voted to make the changes. Sounds like they are going to do away with the breed specific legislation and that's a step for us as pit bull owners."

City council will redraft the ordinance for the next council meeting April 3.

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