Veterinarian brings plenty of local color, experience to new role in Jefferson County

Dr. Amanda Della Penna has returned home and is now a veterinarian in Jefferson County.

The newest addition the Jefferson County Humane Society Clinic is an example of how hard work and a mission to come home can leave a lasting impact.

Dr. Amanda Della Penna, a veterinarian in Jefferson County, started with the humane society volunteering years ago.

After graduating from Buckeye Local, Bethany College and Ohio State, her journey as a vet led her to Pittsburgh as a chief of staff at a very large hospital, but her paws had another path in mind.

"I just really missed the medicine and feeling like I was making a difference in the everyday lives of pets and people," Della Penna said.

She always had a heart for the humane society, as she grew up volunteering with animals.

"I’ve always wanted to be a vet,” she said. “There was never anything else and I always think about what would I have done otherwise? And I’m not really sure still. I think I was meant for it.”

Her advice for young people is to make sure you explore the opportunities you have in front of you.

"It’s rewarding, it’s challenging, and it’s fun," Della Penna said.

It’s what lead her back home to care for these local pets.

"There are quite a few people here that have still called me for advice along the way, so it’s exciting to see their pets again, really and truly being their vet, and it’s nice to be able to help,” she said.

"I’m so proud of what they’ve done, this place, when I started volunteering with them, they were doing cat spays out of one room with very minimal equipment,” Della Penna said. “And they’ve come from there and built this up is just really amazing."

But it’s about more than just the medicine and the animals for Della Penna. She does what she does for the people, too.

"Seeing them just adore their animals and being part of their family, and they’re so important to them knowing you can help keep them healthy and keep them happy," she said.

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