Vendors pack Wesbanco Arena for Wheeling Chamber of Commerce Home Show

Hundreds of people flocked to Wesbanco Arena on Saturday for the 50th Annual Wheeling Chamber of Commerce Home Show.

"I have a honey-do list started for my husband and I have some business cards collected already of people he will need to speak to to take care of that list," said president of Wheeling Chamber of Commerce Erikka Storch. "I'm going to get myself an apple."

Erikka Storch, president of the Wheeling Chamber of Commerce, will be the first to tell you that the annual show is not something you want to miss.

"My wife is selling pillows and throws and I'm selling jewelry and a little bit of blacksmithing stuff," said vendor Don Barb.

"I am here for Damsel in Defense, what we do is empower, equip and educate women," said Brenda Mellott.

"What I have here is probably 40 different versions of fudge," said Anne Wateska.

Whether they come as a hobby or to make a living, there was no shortage of businesses or customers inside Wesbanco Arena on Saturday.

Anne Wateska traveled from Pittsburgh to set up shop for the weekend and to sell her homemade fudge.

"We specialize in adult fudge, which would be smoked whiskey, black cherry bourbon, and vanilla bourbon," said Wateska. "We do cook our fudge with Jack Daniels."

While the alcohol is cooked out, the flavor stays in.

Wateska says all she has to do is get someone to taste it and then they're sold.

"What we like to do when you visit is not let you walk by without getting a taste," said Wateska. "You can sample a couple and end up buying peanut butter, but try the crème brûlée or try the bananas foster."

Buying or selling, the one thing that everyone has in common is community.

"These are such nice people down here," said Wateska. "Every vendor here is lovely. They chat with you, they visit with you and that is why we came back."

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