Vapor intrusion study being done in Bellaire

epa bellaire.PNG

Federal, state and local health department officials are teaming up to complete a vapor intrusion study in Bellaire.

Investigators are seeking permission from some Bellaire homeowners for testing of volatile organic compounds PCE and TCA derived from a solvent once used in dry cleaning.

Unacceptable levels of the two compounds were confirmed at Bellaire's UMWA Union Hall.

The discovery prompted UMWA officials to immediately - and permanently - close the doors to the building.

"We're labor union,” said Mike Caputo, vice president of United Mine Works Association, District 31. “We profess health and safety in all work places and we certainly wouldn’t subject our staff to anything that could have potential harm to them. "

The investigation is taking place in Bellaire's downtown. The area consists of a mix of commercial buildings, churches, two schools, and family residences.

Patricia Coe intends to comply with permission for testing.

"I’m 47, and I shouldn’t be having asthma at this age," she said.

Meanwhile, public health officials say their vapor intrusion investigation will take place at a later date.

If you were not contacted Tuesday, there are permission forms available at the Bellaire Administration Building or online at the EPA website.

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