Update: Victim identified in fatal Steubenville shooting

One person is dead and several others were struck by gunfire after an early morning shooting.

One person is dead and several others were struck by gunfire after an early morning shooting.

It happened just before 2 o’clock Thursday morning at the corner of South 6th Street and South Street at Club 106.

"At 2 o'clock in the morning, nothing good happens," Steubenville City Manager Jim Mavromatis said.

Dylan Bittinger, 19, was pronounced dead on scene.

Tyrelle Gilbert, 35, was shot in the chest and flown to Pittsburgh area hospital.

Monte Lyles, 20, was shot in the knee, and was also taken to a hospital.

"It appears, at this time, that were there two people that were engaged in shooting,” Mavromatis said. “One of them is deceased, the other one is not at this time."

Mavromatis says Club 106 just recently opened back up after being closed for a year.

"I would say probably within the last month, I mean it's come out of the restrictions that were put on it for the year of closure, and I would say now that it's back open again,” Mavromatis said. “But again, we're going to take the proceedings that we need to do to shut this down for good."

A search warrant was executed and investigators are collecting evidence that is needed to piece together the crime.

The city manager said the public is not in any danger.

"This is involved with the people who were inside the club there,” Mavromatis said. “What caused it? We don't know that yet. We still have to interview the other two people if they'll answer any questions to the police department.

"This is a location that, you know, it's been an after-hours place. It looks like it was being run again like it was before, and we're going to be investigating this fully criminal and civil prosecution if warranted."

Mavromatis said no arrests have been made as of yet.The Bureau of Criminal Investigation is investigating and yellow crime scene tape is draped across the front of the building.

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