Update on potential methamphetamine situation


News9 has the latest details on a potential methamphetamine situation that shut down a residential road in Weirton Wednesday.

It started out as a possible explosion, that wasn't true.

Investigators still believe meth was involved, but none was ever found.

Three people ended up arrested, and a seven-month-old baby had to be decontaminated.

It all started with a confusing 911 call.

"The victims/suspects was very disoriented about what they were trying to tell dispatch. It was very hard to understand," Weirton Police Chief Rob Alexander said.

Two people told dispatchers they had chemical burns.

They also mentioned there was an explosion of some sort.

Thankfully, there was no explosion.

Not knowing that at the time, first responders came out in full force.

"Our fire department was there. My officers, my detectives were there and made entry. Everybody did what they were supposed to do," Chief Alexander said.

The explosion may not have been real, but the burns were.

The lack of evidence of suspected methamphetamine activity made the investigation even more confusing.

"There was no labs in the car. There was no labs in the house. There was no labs in the garbage. There was nothing over here that showed that there was methamphetamines being made here in this area," Chief Alexander said.

The lack of consistency in the suspects stories lead police in the right direction

"They never stayed the same. So their two stories changed consistently other than it did not occur here in the city," Chief Alexander said.

Chief Rob Alexander says after more questioning, they came to the conclusion the alleged lab and burns originated somewhere else.

"They wanted to get out of the area that they were in, and needed a safe area to go to so that they could decontaminate themselves. It was nothing. The incident did not occur here. There was no meth here. There was no lab here,” Chief Alexander said.

Bridgette Burke and Michael Maxson are the two suspects involved.

Both of their Steubenville homes were searched, with no evidence found.

"At some point somewhere in the past 24 hours there was a lab of some sort that back fired. Whether they can, or whether they just absolutely refuse to, either way they aren't going to tell us what they had, and wherever they had it they had already cleaned it,” Chief Alexander said.

Thankful that the alleged meth never entered the city of Weirton, Alexander says he is proud of all the first responders.

"If that were to ever happen, and we hope it doesn't. I hope it (goes) like it did last night, that's how smooth it was," Chief Alexander said.

Both Burke, Maxson and Vikki Dawn Butler, a resident at the Columbus Way Apartment face simple possession charges of marijuana.

Burke and Maxson were taken to the Northern Regional Jail.

A 7-month-old baby was in the apartment Burke and Maxson went to. The child was taken to the hospital as a precaution and is okay.

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