Two file to run for Steubenville mayor

Two candidates have filed to run for Steubenville mayor.

Whoever wins the race will replace a man with 25 years’ worth of experience. NEWS9 was there as Jerry Barilla filed to run for mayor as a Republican.

Several days ago, Frank Dicarlantonio filed as a Democrat and there are still rumors that there could be others in what could be one of the hottest races in the Ohio Valley this election cycle.

One of these men has seen it all, watched people come and go and has been around to remember a mayor before Domenick Mucci.

“I've been here all my life,” Barilla said. “I've devoted my interests to and in Steubenville, the Fort, the nutcrackers, so I guess people would look at me as someone who has the desire and has the commitment."

The other is a fresh face, a Steubenville boy with big ideas.

“People want to be in Steubenville,” Dicarlantonio said. “And people want to be proud of their hometown and many people are as I am and that's where I can lend a hand where it may not be at the moment."

This time around voters will get to choose between Dicarlantonio and Barilla and both men are ready to share their big ideas and spend more time serving the city they love.

“I am a young pro in this area,” Dicarlantonio said. “I'm a young business pro, so I know what it takes to run a business in this area which is something that we need to grow in our city, as well as attracting young pros that are my age that we need to retain and attract to this area."

“It's been on my mind for many years to get more involved with the workings and lifestyle of Steubenville, Ohio,” Barilla said. “And with my business it didn't give me much time than what I did at the Fort, but I'm retiring from my store. It will close in February and that will free me up to pursue this new adventure running for the mayor of Steubenville, Ohio."

There are rumors of other candidates but so far Dicarlantonio and Barilla are the only two to file.

The deadline is Wednesday at 4 p.m.

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