Trinity Health System, Urban Mission partner to give away shoes


Trinity Health System, alongside several other organizations, including the Urban Mission, hosted its annual shoe giveaway Wednesday evening.

Hundreds of pairs of shoes were donated to those in the community with need.

“It’s not just about the shoes,” said Carol Conti, ‘Our Hearts to Your Sole.’ “It’s about the people and making people comfortable.”

Slipping into some extra support -- some for their feet and others for their soul.

“It means a lot to us,” said Dr. Aashish Jog, orthopedic surgeon. “It gives us a great sense of gratitude, gives us a sense, a feel that we’ve contributed to society and that’s what keeps us going actively for the whole year."

Dr. Jog and other orthopedic surgeons worked with the Urban Mission and Our Hearts to Your Soul to make this giveaway possible.

“The most important part is when you walk, you walk a certain way, it puts pressure on the knee and the hip and the spine, so shoes are the most critical part of anybody’s life,” Dr. Jog said.

Two-hundred-fifty pairs of shoes were additionally donated by Red Wing Shoes and were given out to less fortunate families in the basement of Urban Mission.

“If you have good shoes you can prevent disease effecting your knees and hips,” Dr. Job said. “If you’re walking well and you’re walking with good shoes you can take care of that and we think we should start from there.”

And free medical and foot exams were given to all who passed through.

“You want to protect the feet so it’s a double incentive to use good shoes, so it doesn’t affect the joints and protect your feet, so it doesn’t get protected or hurt from neuropathy,” Dr. Jog said.

But shoes aside, the people who are there to help tied up some loose strings like Christmas bows just in time for the holiday season.

“They’re just so thankful,” Conti said. “They just have smiles on their faces. It’s heartwarming. They walk out with boots. You just feel like you made somebody’s day a little bit brighter.”

“When they say you made our day or you made our year or you made our Christmas special it means a lot to us," Dr. Jog said.

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