Town hall features school board, township trustee candidates


Ohio voters will head to the polls next Tuesday and the local races are heating up.

A meet the candidates event was held tonight in Belmont County. Candidates from Martins Ferry and Pease Township areas came out to meet their voters.

A simple drive down the road will tell you that it is election season. Candidates are vying for local leadership positions, with usually more people that seats.

Monday night’s event was meant for people to come meet their candidates.

"No personal attacks, just a straight-forward, little friendly town hall meeting for them,” said Jack Regis, event organizer.

The races for Martins Ferry school board and Pease Township trustee were featured. Each candidate was given the chance to speak about themselves and their plans if elected. All were present aside from school board candidate Brian McFarland, who submitted a letter to be read aloud.

The election was of particular interest for Larry Duck, a retired teacher.

"Those people who we are going to elect are the ones who set policy, the ones that hire, the ones that fire and they are the ones that make things work better for the school

system,” Duck said.

Several candidates mentioned their concerns for the drug problem in their area, as well what they describe as an unfavorable financial state of the region in relation to state funding. Regis hopes that this event will help voters have a clearer decision once the polls open.

"A lot of times you just see a sign,” Regis said. “If you don't know someone and you don't know somebody that knows them, you're just going by word of mouth. "

"Hopefully it'll change somebody's mind or make somebody's mind up," he added.

The election takes place November 7. Click here to see ballots for Belmont County.

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