Toronto receives $37K grant for park improvements

Two energy companies are giving the city of Toronto $37,000 dollars to improve its parks.

Two energy companies are giving the city of Toronto $37,000 dollars to improve its parks.

AEP Ohio and Columbia Gas partnered on a grant that other communities could also receive.

Newburg Landing is a boat launch and park area overlooking the Ohio River. Now, it and other parks in Toronto are up for infrastructure improvements thanks to a $37,000 grant.

"The program is officially called community energy savers and when we go into a community now, we refer this program as the Toronto Energy Savers Program,” said Mike LaScola of AEP Energy Efficiency.

Toronto has showcased itself worthy of the $37,000 to install energy-efficient lighting and heating infrastructure.

"It's going to be a little bit of both. We're thinking about doing some lighting projects, but also some other energy-efficient projects,” said Toronto Mayor John Parker. ”We’re excited; we're going to have a new community center in the future and we're looking forward to building a new park here in Toronto, so this money will be well used."

It's a mutual gain, as AEP Ohio adds usage to its energy grid, and this grant package also includes freebies for Toronto residents. Neighbors can go online and fill out a home survey and get free kits in the mail.

"AEP Ohio is going to send you led light bulbs, and Columbia Gas is going to send you aerators for your faucet. It's a great joint effort,” said Toronto Council At-Large member Steven Rebich.

Toronto residents who want that kit can go here. Municipal leaders interested in the energy efficiency grant application process can find that information here.

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