The Leo Club hosts third annual Veterans Breakfast

Students in Steubenville honored those who serve with their third annual Veterans Breakfast.

Students in Steubenville honored those who serve with their third annual Veterans Breakfast.

The Leo Club - which is a leadership and community service organization - hosted the event at Harding Middle School. Students had the opportunity to bring a special veteran in their life to the event.

How do you thank a veteran? You can start by inviting them to breakfast.

“I was really honored when Gabby invited me to come and visit and to represent some of the other veterans that are out there,” said Kevin McDonald of the Army.

How do you learn about their service? You ask them questions.

One student asked veterans what the boot camp and training experience was like. One veteran mentioned his was cold in the middle of winter. Another responded said he rode around the base like a policeman, and guarded airplanes like B-52 bombers.

How do you get to know a veteran? You listen.

“I got to hear about stories, things that people actually went through, things that people actually did,” said eighth-grader Isabella Zullo.

Kimberly Robinson, a member of the Air Force, came from Arizona.

“I'm humbled,” Robinson said. “It's an honor to be recognized, but it's an honor to celebrate that we had the opportunity to serve.”

How do you honor a veteran? You cherish their medals - and the time you have with them.

“And of course I went through the battles, and I was fortunate enough to get through it,” said Tony Paolo of the Navy.

How do you remember a veteran? By saving a place for those who are fallen or missing.

“Being in now, I see it as a time to mourn and be thankful that I get to serve where others have served,” said Michael Damico of the Marine Corps.

“I'm excited,” Sixth-grader Kaleigh Dsrocher said. “I didn't know he was coming he surprised me this morning.”

How do you respect a veteran? By respecting the flag they defend.

“And then to have them come and build this relationship with these young kids that they will carry the rest of their life as a memory is just a wonderful opportunity for everybody involved,” said Leo Club Advisor Jaclyn Walters.

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