The future is bright in Harrison County

Nick Homrighausen, executive director of community and economic development for the county, says things are looking up in Harrison County.

Since the announcement of a new power plant to be built in Harrison County, Project Best is partnering with local elected officials to discuss continued economic growth.

Dozens of community leaders gathered Tuesday at Capraro's Restaurant & Lounge in Hopedale to discuss the bright future that lies ahead for the county

"Harrison County has remarkable growth over the past couple of years. We just want to help them and support them and continue to grow Harrison County," said Project BEST Co-Chair Ginny Favede.

Favede is extending networking opportunities to the Harrison community.

"It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to figure out how we can work together to grow the area," she said.

Project Best is a labor management organization based in the upper Ohio Valley. With the hope of a new cracker plant being built in Dillies Bottom, in addition to the new Harrison Power Plant, the work would be bid out to union labor, benefiting the community.

"Having a power plant built in Harrison County in Cadiz is the single biggest investment in Harrison County we’ve ever seen,” Commissioner Paul Coffland said. “We’re looking at a billion dollars."

Playing a tug of war with investment in a good way between power and oil and gas expansion

"What we’re doing is taking the funds that we’ve received form oil and gas and putting them right back into the county in the form of a master water and sewer plant and multiple industrial plants to plan for future growth," said Nick Homrighausen, executive director of community and economic development for the county.

Any questions about the continued growth of the community can be directed to your village council, and the county commissioners are also making themselves available for questions.

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