Suspects on the loose after hardware store theft


Police are looking for two men following a theft at M&M Hardware in Steubenville.

“They did not come here planning to shop, they had a destination they were coming here to steal," said Scott Campbell of M&M Hardware.

The two suspects entered the store about 9:30 on Saturday morning.

"One was actually used as a diversion person trying to distract one of our clerks and the other grabbed a box looking for a large chainsaw and head to the door, out the door and did not stop, headed right to the car. The decoy exited right away and as the car was driving by he ran and jumped in it and off he went.” Campbell said.

“Well, when I looked towards the door, I could see a box, and he went out the door with the saw," said Dorothy Kiefer, who was working at one of the registers at the time.

The saw costs about $800. When police arrived, they were able to narrow down a couple of clues that could lead to finding the criminals.

"They wanted to know if we had video which we showed them and they wanted to know if we had the number off the saw and we had that and it is out there so if they take the saw to be repaired, they are going to know right away," Campbell said.

According to the surveillance footage, both men entered the store, and they were driven away in a vehicle by a third individual. Employees say that the car was a Honda.

"You steal from us, in return who pays for it? The consumers play for it, we pay for it," Kiefer said.

Employees at M&M take great pride in their family owned company, and hope the individuals involved are rightfully punished for the crime.

"What they did was wrong” said Kiefer. “They did not just steal from, they think a corporate level, this is family owned, this is a family business, this is our business as one."

"You know what, let’s go to the maximum about with it,” Campbell said. “We are tired of shoplifters, because it not only hurts us, it hurts everyone who comes into a story. So if you see someone or know someone, please let us know."

If you have any information on the men or the vehicle captured on the surveillance video, you can contact our Crimebusters Tipline at 1-800-862-BUST.

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