Stumptown Stream Threshers Show in Harrison County


HARRISON COUNTY, OH---Hundreds gathered in New Athens Sunday to check out some old-fashioned steam engines.

The 55th Annual Stumptown Steam Threshers reunion and show carries on the tradition of demonstrating how farming became modern.

The show includes original steam engines, gas and diesel tractors, and some ofther antique trucks and tractors.

The annual event also plays host to a huge flea market.

Organizers of this antique power show say coming to Stumptown is a family tradition.

Joe Harrison, President of the Stumptown Steam Threshers Club says, "Over the years, it has turned into as well as a reunion, a method to hopefully show and remind some of the youth of today where we came from, how agriculture and the industrial revolution went from old steam power to the computerized equipment we have today."

The reunion is held every year on the Saturday and Sunday after Labor Day/

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