Students happily go back to school in West Virginia

Students are back to class in W.Va. after a 9-day long strike.

The longest state-wide teacher strike in West Virginia history is over.

Gov. Jim Justice signed a 5 percent pay raise bill for teachers, service, personnel and state workers on Tuesday in Charleston.

And now students are back to class -- a welcomed sight Wednesday morning at Weir High School.

For the first time this month, students and teachers walked into the doors of the school.

“I'm happy the teachers got what they wanted and prayers were answered," senior Noah Wodnicki said.

"I'm just so happy for them because this has been really hard on all of us, and I think we're just all happy to be back," sophomore Peri Dimitriou said.

"We shouldn't be missing anymore,” sophomore Josh Amos added. “I mean, so I'm excited to be back. I'm excited to see my friends."

The 9-day work stoppage put a halt on school activities, including tennis practice at Weir High.

"We had to alter the schedule -- some kids couldn't make it,” Dimitriou said. “My coach is a teacher here. She couldn't make it. But luckily we did have parents that stepped up and took us out and played with us, so we were able to accommodate, so hopefully we'll be ready for the season."

Now, all is back to normal. As students and teachers are reunited in the classrooms.

"Mainly just being around the teachers and being around all my friends and all that," Wodnicki said.

"Happy for the teachers, and we'll see if we can finish the school year on a strong note," Dimitriou said.

"I'm looking forward to learning again and getting my work done," Amos said.

PEIA was not fixed, but a task force will be going to work March 15 to find a solution.

The pay raise for teachers, school service personnel, and state workers was passed unanimously.

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