Steubenville police prepare for Trick or Treat


As the Halloween holiday creeps up, Steubenville police are setting up to protect and serve--candy that is!

“We'll be out there, we'll be present, some officers will be handing candy out of their cruisers," said Patrolman Ryan Lulla. “About the first 4-5 kids are really standoff-ish, but once kids see us doing it, they’re usually more warming up, when they come up they have 100 questions about the car and what we’re doing and kind of gets them comfortable with us.”

Lulla said departments looks forward to handing out the treats.

“A few of us handed out candy last year up around the Lincoln Heights area and I think some officers do it just to be present in the area and get kids familiar with us,” he said.

And they get to have some fun while on the job.

“We’re not out there dealing with the negative sides of our job; we’re out there just being with people especially children. They get to see us in a positive aspect of our job,” Lulla said.

Thanks to former Steubenville police officer Tony Piergallini and several other patrolmen, the cars will be stocked and ready to roll.

“He was with the DARE program for a while. He donated quite a bit of candy and different officers are going to donate candy as well,” Lulla said.

So kids, grab their attention and grab some candy.

“Flag us down, talk to us, we will talk to you,” Lulla said.

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