Steubenville police officer indicted on 41 charges

A Steubenville police officer indicted has been indicted on 41 charges, several of which are felonies.

Officer Nate Cline was given his summons on Friday.

A year and a half ago, city officials were made aware of an investigation into one of their officers. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources told them it pertained to hunting on private property without permission.

"We didn't know how in depth it was going, how many people it involved, or how severe the charges would be," Steubenville City Manager Jim Mavromatis said.

With ODNR moving forward with its case against Cline, the charges were handed down last week.

"You have a grand theft charge, you have unauthorized use of the LEADS system, which is our law enforcement database that's controlled by the state of Ohio, and the actual last count, the 41 count, engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity," Mavromatis said.

With the charges now public, and city leaders now aware of the severity, Cline has been tentatively removed from the department.

"Right now, as it pertains to the city, he's on administrative leave without pay," Mavromatis said.

"He's human. He may have made mistakes. It's evident based on the number of counts, but again, until he pleads guilty, or he's found guilty, he's still presumed innocent."

With more information now at its disposal, the city is doing its own investigation into the alleged criminal activity.

"If it meets within our guidelines clearly, then he's looking up to termination," Mavromatis said.

We reached out to the DNR. As of air time, they did not return our phone call.

We were able to get a hold of Cline. He says he cannot comment on the matter.

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