Steubenville man brings new life to old business

The former Gabe’s Barber Shop became Vincent’s, with a facelift and fresh touch of talent.

A lifelong Steubenville resident decided to bring his talents home, taking over a business that for a while sat closed.

Tommy Vincent grew up in Steubenville and always wanted to do something that he said didn’t feel like work, while still helping his community.

"I got my first haircut on that horse behind me,” Vincent said.

Thirty years later, Vincent now owns the horse and the business that comes with it.

"Gabe told me - he said ‘Go to school, get your license and one day I’ll sell you the business’,” he said.

That was when Vincent was just a 16-year-old aspiring barber. The former Gabe’s Barber Shop became Vincent’s, with a facelift and fresh touch of talent.

"My whole life, I wanted to do something that didn’t feel like work,” Vincent said. “A lot of the older school barbers don’t have the new-school touch, where I have that old-school flavor and that new-school touch.”

Initially traveling to Niles for school, and to Wintersville for experience, he’s home bringing his trimming trick business back to Steubenville.

"Steubenville needs revitalized. I wanted to jump on the band wagon just like anything else like Steve’s and Spot Bar,” Vincent said. “Takes good people to do good things.”

After dabbling in ideas of what he wanted to do with his life, that answer was clear cut

"I had to think of something Steubenville needed, and there’s car lots on every corner and there’s not barber shops and we truly needed a good barber,” Vincent said.

Vincent’s business stands on Fourth Street, and the door is opened for not only a haircut, but an experience.

"I like to talk,” Vincent said. “The barber shop is the place where you can come in and talk about your problems. You’re more than just a barber, you’re a psychiatrist as well.”

His positive attitude, patience and passion all serve as parts of his motivation to help turn the city around.

"I’m here to help and that’s what we’re going to do,” he said. “We’re going to make Steubenville great again.”

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