Steubenville High School, public library form partnership

A new partnership in Jefferson County is bringing the library into the classrooms.

A new partnership in Jefferson County is bringing the library into the classrooms.

Steubenville High School is the first school in the county to partner with the Public Library of Steubenville and Jefferson County to provide students the access to the library without having to walk through its doors.

“What we want to do is give the kids in high school, and we're giving them at Big Red We want to give them the opportunity to use everything we have to help in their education,” said Michael Gray, assistant Library Director. “It's a fantastic resource. It just augments what the school is already doing, what we're already doing.”

Steubenville High School was the first to make it happen.

“It's only for students, so we're just excited to be a part of that,” said Ted Gorman, principal Steubenville High School.

Every student grade 8-12 in the Steubenville City Schools was assigned an electronic resources card number.

This "ER card" connects students to all of the library's digital resources.

“I know the school has a library and students come here, but it's just one more tool in their toolbox to be able to use,” Gray said.

This resource will give students access to thousands of books with just a few clicks.

“If they are a reader, some of them are unable to afford the books,” Gorman said. “This will give them the opportunity to do that. Just log in, have the book at their fingertips.”

Renting books for English class isn't the only benefit.

“They have so many resources online that the students have access to, such as ACT Prep Rosetta Stone academic databases that will help in their research in their academic classes,” said Amy Parikakis, CTE Teacher.

“We have a program called Hoopla, which is e-books, comic books, music, movies, TV/audio books, we have Flipster which is magazines,” Gray said.

For teachers at the high school, the partnership is a huge asset.

“I personally in my classroom use it all the time as far as getting students to learn about research, how to properly use the internet, and being able to use these databases is critical,” Parikakis said.

And they're thankful the library was eager to help support their students.

“I just want to stress the importance, that I think it's wonderful when we can work together as a community, meaning that the public library here is wanting to assist us with our students and offer these wonderful opportunities for our students, so that they have some form of academic gain from this,” Parikakis said.

The library is working on getting ER cards in every high school in the county by the end of the year.

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