UPDATE: Brooke County BOE president responds to Sen. Weld's letter


    State Senator Ryan Weld has formally asked the Department of Education to step in and investigate the finances of Brooke County Schools.

    In a Facebook post, Weld said he has more questions than answers about the directors’ pay raises, and believes it is time for the state to step in.

    As part of a TARGET9 Investigation, NEWS9 found that some administrators in the district received significant raises -- one as high as 47 percent between the 2018 and 2019 fiscal year -- as several schools were closed due to consolidation.

    Weld said he sees the impact in the community and that an investigation is warranted.

    "I mean, we're talking about close to $300,000 being allocated for pay raises, again, at a time when schools are being closed. We're seeing reductions in staff and reductions in services. I mean, they're visibly upset,” Weld said. “I mean, you can see it when you go out in the community, when you talk to folks at a football game, when you look on social media, and so they deserve to know what's going on."

    Now, Brooke County Board of Education President Ted Pauls has issued a statement:

    "As I read the letter, Senator Weld is seeking to get help in answering questions that remain on the minds of Brooke County Residents. As stewards of the county's financial resources, the new board has a vested interest in assuring that the county remains in good standing. The value of transparency in the use of public funds cannot be overstated. If Senator Weld's letter leads to more transparency, who could oppose it?"

    Read the letter here:

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