St. Clairsville considers ‘vicious dog’ ordinance

The city of St. Clairsville is considering adopting a vicious dog ordinance.

After a few incidents in the city in the past year, council is trying to ensure vicious dogs are kept under control for everyone's safety.

“A case was brought in to mayor's court involving a pit bull attacking a dog in a local neighborhood and damage was done and then probably six months ago there was another case involving a pit bull mix that bit someone on the bike trail,” said Mayor Terry Pugh.

That has led Mayor Pugh and city council to consider a vicious dog ordinance to better protect the public. The proposed ordinance states a vicious dog is any dog that has a tendency to attack, cause injury to or danger the safety of humans or domestic animals; attacks without being provoked; has killed or caused serious injury; or belongs to a breed known for that kind of behavior.

“They may be a good companion, but they must be kept under control because they have such a vicious reputation,” Pugh said.

If the ordinance goes into effect, there are some rules the dog owners will need to follow.

“They can't walk the dog on anything longer than a 3-foot leash, make sure they can control the dog and there's a provision put in there as well that the dog owner must have liability insurance for that particular breed of dog,” Pugh said.

Council held their first reading of the ordinance. In order to pass, they need three readings. They welcome input from the public.

If the third reading passes, it goes into effect 30 days later.

We're not saying that a citizen of st. Clairsville can't own a pitbull or another dog that they consider vicious, what we're saying is that they have to control the dog "

Council will hold a second reading of the ordinance on march 6th at their regularly scheduled meeting.

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