Should EMS be allowed to carry concealed weapons?


Emergency Medical Technicians in Harrison County put their lives on the line for the public each day.

But who has their back in case of an emergency? If they have it their way, they'll be watching out for themselves.

County EMTs met Wednesday to discuss the possibility of being able to carry firearms while they're on emergency calls. They said they want to be prepared because they never know what they are walking into.

"We do respond to calls that can become unpredictable at times," Bowerston EMS Captain Adam Reardon said.

"We discussed the possible conceal carry on our county ambulances," said Doug Crabtree, president of the Harrison County EMS association. "Currently we had a no carry policy for insurance purposes and whatnot."

Reardon has several stories of routine medical calls that escalated quickly. It's something he believes could have been prevented.

"We have a great working relationship with our sheriff's office, and they are always there to protect us as much as they can but we end up in situations," Reardon said. "We just want the ability to be able to protect ourselves, our crew, and our patients."

There are 13 volunteer EMS departments and 12 volunteer fire stations in Harrison County.

The Harrison County EMS Association has a strict no carry policy. Crabtree says while EMTs carrying weapons is uncommon practice, the EMS Association is looking to redefine policy, but not before the topic is widely discussed by county officials.

"The Fireman's Association, the commissioners, the prosecutor and our insurance carrier all will be involved in this," Crabtree said.

Crabtree believes the EMS Association will have its answer the first week in March.

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