Sheriff lauded for positive changes

Sheriff Dave Lucas spoke to commissioners Wednesday. (WTOV)

The Belmont County sheriff was lauded before commissioners for his accomplishments over the last four years in office.

Sheriff Dave Lucas gave an update on the countless upgrades and positive changes to his office. Lucas spoke on creating the county's first-ever major crimes unit, standardizing duty weapons at no cost to the county and securing approval for more staff members in the jail, among a number of other improvements.

Commissioners seem pleased with his efforts.

"Your ability to seemingly touch every aspect that is under the umbrella of your department and adjust it and massage it to make it stronger, to make it more efficient, to bring in additional dollars and all the while providing public safety but managing a base of employees and managing a budget," said Ginny Favede, commissioner. "So kudos to you, I'm so impressed with what you've accomplished in the last four years."

Lucas is also re-establishing the county's satellite office at the Ohio Valley Mall. It's just a few weeks away from completion.

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