Several houses in Bellaire condemned


Several houses in Bellaire have been condemned, and now due to conditions beyond repair, they are scheduled to be demolished.

Sometimes it just takes a look from the outside.

"This place has got termites. See up there in the corner?," said Dick Flanagan, Bellaire Code Enforcement Officer.

For others, a step inside.

"Once you get inside, you start realizing the damage that's in here," Flanagan said.

For Bellaire Code Enforcement Officer Dick Flanagan, condemning houses means going beyond what the public normally sees.

After visiting numerous structures in the fall, and delivering warnings to landlords, the time has come to take action.

"It's a safety issue and a safety hazard to the public. You've got a vacant house that's falling apart," Flanagan said.

So far, a commercial property and two houses have been torn down under Flanagan’s supervision.

Another house on Guernsey Street is ready for demolition and three others are in negotiations.

Flanagan knows a home on Atchison Road well. He fell through the floor.

While some houses have sat vacant for a while, others, like one we visited, was home to a family, not long ago.

"In some of these houses I've inspected, families were living there. It's just deplorable conditions. Horrible conditions that these kids live in. It's not the children’s fault. The parents know better. That's no excuse," Flanagan said.

While the complete timeline for these demolitions has not been set, some of them could take place within the next week.

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