Several honored for Law Day 2016


    This weekend is a time to give thanks for the rule of law in our nation.

    In 1958, president Dwight D. Eisenhower proclaimed May 1st as Law Day. Two years later, Congress enacted a proclamation declaring it so.

    Law day 2016 is quite special----it's the 50th anniversary of the nation's best known U.S. Supreme court case: Miranda vs. Arizona.

    Ohio Supreme Court Justice Sharon Kennedy says, "It spotlights our 5th and 6th amendments: The right to counsel under the 6th and the right that you are not to be compelled to testify against yourself under the 5th."

    Kennedy is the keynote speaker of the Law Day dinner held Friday at Undo's in St. Clairsville featuring lawyers, the Belmont County Bar Association, and more.

    Law day isn't technically until May 1st---but many are already celebrating the critical role law has nationwide.

    Kennedy says, "It's to help citizens understand their rights under the law, the protection of that and more importantly to rededicate every year to the proposition that we are free. "

    The Belmont County Bar Association also wanted to commemorate a few people in the community.

    First, giving the the Liberty Bell award to the Belmont County Drug Task Force.

    Christopher Gagin, President of the county's Bar Association says, "We couldn't think of a better organization in Belmont County relative to respecting the rule of law than the Drug Task Force."

    And the Community Development Award to Eugene "Doc" Householder of the county's tourism agency.

    Gagin says, "There are people in this community that really do a lot to foster growth, promote good people and good activities that go on here."

    Householder says, "We had a lot of grants to help repair the museums and festivals and all this and that, I'm sure that played a big part in me getting this award tonight."

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