Seven arrested in Steubenville drug bust

Seven arrested in Steubenville drug bust..JPG

A Steubenville raid ended with multiple arrests on Friday afternoon. Several individuals are facing numerous charges.

Police and members of the Jefferson County Drug Task Force found crack cocaine, heroin, cash and more inside a home along South 9th St. after serving a warrant.

Sheriff Fred Abdalla said people ran in all directions when officers hit the door. Seven people were arrested including Jerry Tillman, 59, of Steubenville for drug trafficking; Steven Hendershot, 32, of Mingo Junction for tampering with evidence; Nicole Peterson, 31, of Mingo Junction; Mandy Schiffman, 23, of Steubenville; Trista Owings, 25, of Steubenville; Cynthia Daniels, 34, of Clarksburg, W.Va.; and Nicole Morrow, 29, of Bellaire. All of the latter five were arrested for having drug paraphernalia.

Investigators also found evidence of prostitution.

"I talked with two of the prostitutes. Both of them have children and they're down here smoking up crack," Sheriff Abdalla said. "I got on them a little bit. They don't care for the children. I mean the children are like four and six years old. Children at this time should come home from school and say where's mom? But mom is down here in a crack house."

Abdalla said the house was under surveillance for an extended period of time and what his office, the Steubenville police department, and the task force found isn't for the faint of heart.

"It's painstaking. The place is just like a pigsty. We have to sort through all that stuff. You have to be cautious when you're going through clothing that you don't get your finger or hand pinched with a needle. We don't touch certain types of drugs because it does go right into your skin ,so it's painstaking at times to do a thorough search," Abdalla said.

All seven suspects are scheduled to appear in court on Monday. The investigation is ongoing.

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