Sen. Gentile proposes tax relief bill for seniors, disabled

Sen. Gentile is pushing for a new tax relief bill in Ohio for seniors and the disabled. (WTOV)

A new bill aims to give seniors a financial break. Ohio Senator Lou Gentile is pushing a tax relief bill.

On Wednesday, Sen. Gentile went before a senate panel to testify in support of Senate Bill 122. This proposed bill would expand tax relief for seniors.

A law change in 2013 requires testing to determine eligibility for the homestead exemption, and those turning 65 and earning only $31,000 a year would not be qualified for the property tax relief.

Gentile said his proposed bill would repeal the income test and allow disabled Ohioans and seniors 65 and older to receive the tax relief regardless of their income.

"We want to make sure that seniors who have contributed a lot to the community, who have worked hard and paid taxes their whole lives have an opportunity to see some meaningful tax relief and put a little more money in their pockets and give them a little more economic security," Gentile said.

Gentile says if the bill passes, it will benefit more than 40,000 Ohioans. The state would also reimburse counties for any loss of revenue. Gentile says the average homeowner would receive about $500.

The senator also said school districts and local governments that rely on property taxes would not lose any revenue.

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