Roadway safety tips during the winter months


After our first significant snow siting in the Ohio Valley NEWS9 wants to make sure you are staying safe on the roadways. NEWS9 talked to some experts on how to make sure your car is ready to bear the winter roads this season.

"Tires. Tires is our big thing, that is your lifeline, that is your traction. That is where rubber meets the road. You want to have a little bit of traction so you stick and don't slide,” said Ryan Westling from Team Automotive.

Places like Team Automotive will do everything from checking the wear on you tires and completing a battery inspection to checking your car's anti-freeze.

"Anything over 40,000 to 45,000 miles you have to have your anti-freeze checked just because if that does break down, that is something you really don't want to freeze," Westling said.

Westling also stresses the importance of windshield wipers and washer fluid in the winter, but you need to be sure to use it in the right way and at the right times.

"One of the worst things you can do is fire the car up, turn the wipers on and hopefully it clears it. That is going to do one thing, it is going to rip your wipers off and that is going to scratch your windshield, and the wipers will pop loose so when you need them they’re not reliable," Westling said.

Ryan told NEWS9 the top three most important things to remember when you are on the roads this winter. Number one, you need to be able to see. Number two, you need to have power. Number three, the most important thing, your tires need to be able to grip with roadways.

Traction is a top priority in the hilly Ohio Valley, they suggest you get your tires checked every 30 days.

Westling also told NEWS9 some necessities you should keep in your car every winter.

"If you are out and about, always keep jumper cables in your car, that way, if you do get stranded, hopefully there is someone who can help you start it up. Keep a blanket in the car just in case you are alone or have children to keep warm if you don't start until help gets there,” Westling said.

Automotive experts at Team Automotive are in the process of creating clinics so you can learn how to get your car not only ready for winter, but all seasons.

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