Reynolds Memorial Hospital introduces new addiction program

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MARSHALL COUNTY, W.Va. -- As drug addiction hits an all-time high in the Ohio Valley, a new program is unveiled in Marshall County.

Leaders at Reynolds Memorial Hospital say the "Breakthrough Program," funded by the Schenk Foundation, is like no other in the area. It's aimed at helping addicts turn their lives around.

"You're dealing with the same individuals over and over and over again," former Marshall County Sheriff John Gruzinkas said. "Because the addiction does not quit. If you put someone in jail for a week, they come out they still have the addiction

Hospital leaders say the program is called Breakthrough because it's a breakthrough in the valley.

"We're getting phone calls daily from patients and families, and they are excited because they didn't know where to turn to, and we want to be that first phone call for folks that don't know where to turn," said Dr. David Hess, CEO of Reynolds Memorial Hospital.

The program is already underway and even those who are uninsured can be helped through the Schenk Foundation.

Addicts are privately admitted into the hospital to break the cycle of addiction. They will then be offered more help after their stay.

"We have partnered with Northwood and they will get intake on patients in the hospital so they can get into intensive outpatient treatment with their long-term addiction," Hess said.

"This is something that could completely overwhelm us if we don't do this treatment end of it because like I said before, we can't get out of this simply putting people in jail," Gruzinkas said.

Reynolds has also partnered with John Marshall High School for its drug prevention program. Leaders say they're ultimate goal is prevention.

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